EcoMining Co., Ltd was established in 2002 in Yachiyo, Chiba prefecture, near Tokyo by Seki Co., Ltd., the largest RPF manufacture in the world.
Mr. Seki, the founder of Seki Co., developed RPF, an ideal and sustainable fuel from industrial plastic and paper waste, and started mass-production in 1982 for the first time in Japan. RPF, which produces less CO2 emission compared to coal., is a sustainable substitute to coal and heavy oil. Seki Co. Ltd. and EcoMining Co., Ltd have jointly developed RPF technology and are now the largest RPF manufactures in Japan with the monthly production volume of 12 thousand tons.
Tons of plastic waste and paper waste are produced every day in industrialized societies, which has brought environmental issues such as lack of land fill space and increasing CO2 emission from burning waste. We found a way to recover resources such as plastic waste made of crude oil, and turned them into a useful energy for the Japanese industry after long years of trials.
EcoMining Co., Ltd. have three production lines installed in the factory and are producing 5,000 tons of RPF every month. We supply our RPF to major paper producing companies and lime producing companies for iron manufacturing in Japan.
Our objective is to contribute to the industrialized society through RPF. We, all members of Eco Mining Co., Ltd, share this resolution:

We work hard for customers and contribute to the national economy as well as to our society and environment through our RPF system.
We aim to be the best RPF manufacture by continuously developing our technology for more efficient resource circulation.
We strive to be valued in the society and to keep improving the quality of people’s lives.

EcoMining Co., Ltd.,
President & CEO
Mr. Hidehiro Seta